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Bangkok is cheaper to live than any city in Western Hemisphere. The biggest expense when living somewhere is usually accommodation. If you are planning to stay for long, then you can buy or rent a condo. A 2-bedroom furnished apartment will cost around 30,000 to 50,000 baht. UBC cable TV will cost 1500 baht for the standard package. Making a phone call using a fixed line costs 3 baht. In Thailand, most people use prepaid phone cards, but they always expire in a month or so. So whether you make phone calls or not, you will always have to spend about 300 baht a month to keep your phone running.

Food Expenses
There are a lot of restaurants in Bangkok, both cheap and fancy establishments. For a decent two course meal, excluding drinks, you need to pay around 250 baht. For budget food you can head to McDonalds where you can get a hamburger, a cheeseburger and medium French fries for only 90 baht. Medium sized Americano coffee at Starbucks is 75 baht. Cheaper coffee can be had at many other places. Subway sells its one-foot sandwiches for about 200 baht. The supermarket prices are given as follows:

Pork, chicken and beef: All priced below 150 baht per kilo.
Milk (800 cc): 35 baht
Cola drinks: 13-14 baht
Beers: 35-45 baht
Local fruits and vegetables are cheap, but imported goods can be really expensive.

Using the sky train or the subway system costs 10 to 40 baht for a one way trip. Buses are frequent, but less comfortable. Fares start at 8 baht (for the non-A/C buses). 20 or 30 baht can take you to the other end of town in A/C buses. Travel by flights is very cheap nowadays.

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