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Medical Insurance - Thailand

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Health insurance with adequate coverage is a must have while you are in Thailand. BUPA/Blue Cross in Bangkok is one of the leading insurance providers which deal in health coverage for foreigners.

The company doles out attractive packages for schools and colleges concerned but the institution must have adequate number of prospective clients willing to take up the health cover.

BUPA offers a range of packages named after the gemstones – Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. The difference is in the amount of money given in the areas of room and board, surgical fees, general expenses, doctor’s visits, OPD and emergency accident. It is always advisable to migrate to a higher package even it means spending some from your own pocket.

HEALTH is an insurance provider that was started by a group of ex-Blue Cross executives. Their premiums are cheaper than that of BUPA. However, it is seen that most of the Thai people use insurance covers from American Insurance Association (AIA). But the company specializes only in bundles products where health insurance, life insurance, savings plans are all rolled into one.

The medical insurance companies offer coverage which range from 15,000 baht to 600,000 baht. Any coverage in between should be adequate to take care of the medical expenses.

Medical care is very good in Bangkok especially in private hospitals where payment is mandatory. Generally speaking, public hospitals are not up to the same standard and the westerners might look to avoid them. Health cards helps in cashless hospitalization where a patient, at the time of check out, just flashes his card and need not make any payment. But obviously the hospital checks the insurance cover before proceeding with the medical treatment.

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