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Thailand is definitely a place to bring only the clothes on your back, and good hiking boots. If you're on a long trip, Thailand is a great place to stock up on difficult-to-find items, such as pharmaceuticals, dental floss, etc. In Thailand be very careful about illegal drugs, and keep all your prescriptions for legit pharmaceuticals with you. DO NOT move them from their original bottles, same with herbs you might be taking. Lots of foreigners are sitting in jail in Thailand (you can visit them if you want). DON'T bring drugs to Thailand. It's a capital crime and this is outlined by way of a greeting into the country. Decapitation is a rotten way to end your holiday.

Thailand is a tropical country where any kind of jacket is rarely required. However, dressing in shorts all the time is not a good idea either. In addition to the dangers of too much sun and mosquitoes, you also need to keep in mind that most temples and palaces require visitors to wear long pants.

Natural fabrics such as cotton are good for this climate. Having laundry done at hotels in Thailand is generally inexpensive, so you can assume that you can have items cleaned if needed. Aside from sensible clothing, you'll probably want to bring a camera. If you're still using film, all types of film can be purchased just about anywhere in Thailand. One-hour processing is also readily available throughout the kingdom. Wed also suggest you bring an inexpensive rain poncho. The lightweight plastic kind takes up almost no room in your camera bag or backpack, but can really come in handy if you get stuck in the rain.

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